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Using Data-Driven Insight Technology to Identify Real Estate Buyers & Sellers in Your Market Area

By implementing 3 types of marketing: InMarket Targeting, InFunnel Leads & Google/Facebook Lookalike Match, your business can lower its advertising costs and put you in front of more people interested in working specifically with you.

The IMA Realtor Package -

The 3 Types of Marketing Included In Your Program

In Market Targeting

Every week, we receive a real-time list of the 3% market that’s actively pursuing the sale or purchase of a home in your area. By combining Identity Resolution with behavioral tracking we’re confident that each list is populated by real human beings (and not bots) exhibiting an intent to make a move. This means that we can target only the prospects that matter: the 3%. Now you can stop wasting your dollars on everybody else. The ads, landing pages, email campaigns, and blogs we develop for you are speaking only to your future clients: the people we’ve identified as actively pursuing a purchase before anyone else.

We Put You In Front Of Real Buyers & Sellers
In Market Targeting -
In Funnel Leads -

In Funnel Leads

Your next client is evaluating you. The home seller or buyer has identified you as an option to help solve their problem: selling and/or finding their next home. As the prospect transitions from gathering research to seeking a preferred solution provider, they’re taking a look at your messaging, the way you market, your expertise, and your ability to assist them. They’re developing an online relationship with you through the tools we’re creating for your program. While they’re in your funnel, your technology, they’re determining if you’re going to be their next real estate agent or broker. When we place our SMART Pixel on your website and marketing technology, we’re able to capture their activity and can let you know the moment they consider working with you. This increases your ability convert real leads into real sales.

Buyers & Sellers Are Reaching Out. Are You Available?

Lookalike Matches: Google & Facebook

While other agencies fall short in the early stages of a buyer & seller’s journey, we continue the path to success after the sale. With the data provided, we can create hyper-focused Facebook & Google lookalike matches to multiply your marketing reach. We combine the deterministic real-time behavioral data to create lookalike audiences for you that are super-targeted. This targeting offers relevant marketing that lowers acquisition costs. Now you can develop even more relationships with prospects that need your help.

Connect With Even More People Who Need Your Help
Lookalike Matches -

The 3 Types of Technology Included In Your Program

The Data

The InMarket Advertising Data provides exclusive access to who’s In Market before anyone else.

Every week, we receive a real-time list of the 3% market that’s actively pursuing the sale or purchase of a home in your area. Depending on the area you’re targeting, lists of email addresses (which can vary from 1500 – 2500 each week) are delivered in a sha-256 hash format. At InMarket Advertising, we submit your lists to Google, Facebook, and multiple channels across the web to market you and your program.

The data provided identifies where in the buying cycle the prospects are at. Some are at different stages — from people who are just dipping their toe into the market, to those who have moved further along.

And as you provide true value to the people in these lists, you become the real estate professional they consider when they’re ready to sell or buy.

Let Smart Computers Find Your Next Clients -
Focus Only On The Buyers & Sellers And Provide Them With Real Value

The Campaigns

What sets your InMarket Advertising apart from others is the data. But we still rely on proven technology and business processes to deliver results. It’s a wonderful advantage to know before anyone else who’s in market and who isn’t. This means we know who we should spend your advertising on and who we should ignore. But without the right technology to help us drive the messaging, it’s nearly impossible to convert prospects into qualified leads.

We begin by taking a look at your existing program. We identify what’s working for you and what’s not. Then we develop your complete program, from landing pages and email campaigns to CRM integration, tracking, and analytical tools. Your weekly lists are funneled through a complete online marketing solution designed to provide maximum results.

Each program is customized for our client, their brand and its messaging, and designed to speak to the market they’re serving.

When you’re ready, we’ll spend time together to map out your program in detail and identify the key aspects of your program’s requirements.

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Your IMA Realtor Program Every Package Is A Custom Fit

Online Advertising Management

Ad Creation & Deployment

Budget Monitoring

Pixel Integration & Retargeting

Analysis & Tracking

Digital Landing Pages

Design & Copy


CRM Integration

Email Marketing

Campaign Creation

Tracking & Analysis

CRM Integration

Digital Marketing -

People Intelligence Managing The Artificial

While your data is driven by AI, it’s Real People helping you succeed.

Each year, InMarket Advertising’s teams manage thousands of ads and millions in advertising. Your team has deep knowledge and qualified experience in designing your websites, building out marketing funnels with landing pages and email campaigns that promote your brand. They deliver the most insightful blogs and articles so that your next client perceives you as an area expert. And every day they are tracking and analyzing engagement to deliver leads straight to your inbox. We focus on proven technology and integrate with systems that we know work.

Each program is specially tailored to help you achieve your online marketing goals!

Proven Results

Case Studies

InMarket Advertising Helps You Make More Money… We do this by providing you with the data and technology you need to convert leads into sales. And we can do it better than anyone else by focusing on putting you in front of only the people who truly want to connect with you.

No question about it, this technology is exciting.

But as attractive as marketing with Artificial Intelligence sounds these days, you need to know if it’s delivering. You need to know if it produces results in the form of higher conversions, more sales, and larger profits.

Use Cases -

The following case studies are taken from interviews with clients and partner agencies utilizing InMarket Targeting. Completed case studies include sensitive business information.  Therefore, a more thorough disclosure of client data is unavailable. The information is provided as a guide for illustrating results you may experience when working with InMarket Advertising. The case studies presented are typical single-channel campaigns, with some multi-channel. The campaign’s locale and channel used is described in the summary. 

Maui Residential Real Estate

Arizona Mortgage Broker

Texas Residential Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intelligent Agents Understand That They Need Artificial Intelligence -

Who Is This For?

Intelligent Agents… Working with artificial intelligence sounds expensive. But trying to work in today’s market actually costs more without it. This technology is helping smart professionals close more deals every month. This is for the real estate agent and broker who knows that marketing online is not only critical to their success but understands that there is a better way to dominate their markets.

Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Agents

InMarket Advertising utilizes marketing data obtained from systems running Artificial Intelligent software on some of the most sophisticated computers in the country. Some of this may be new to you and you likely have questions. We understand people want to know how it works and how you can apply this kind of marketing to your business so that you can sell more homes and put more money into your pockets. SCHEDULING A CALL with us is the best way to fully understand what InMarketing Advertising does – and we’re happy to help. In the meantime, we have some answer to some frequently asked questions.

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