When A Home Owner Is Thinking About Selling, They Start Researching Online.

We Know Who They Are.

Can we tell them about you?


Discover How You Can Get In Front Of Buyers & Sellers Before Your Rivals

Want To Know How?

Let’s Chat… Would you like to stop burning marketing dollars on people that have zero interest in you? Want to connect with real buyers & sellers? Okay, let’s chat and get your questions answered. See how new technology can help your online marketing efforts work!

Get In Front Of Buyers & Sellers
Before Your Rivals

We’re at a table with 10 Homeowners. One wants to sell. Do you know who it is?

Technology That Gets Better Results…

Here’s the problem…
Marketers are “guessing” with your money. If 9 of 10 homeowners don’t want to sell or buy right now, then why do agencies market to them? Because they’re trying to figure out who that 1 seller actually is.

So how do you stop burning your cash?

First, start working with an agency that can actually identify who’s In Market to Sell or Buy. Then get in front of these prospects as often as you can.

Today’s technology is the secret advantage?

  • Intelligent Systems Monitor Billions of Data Points Every Day
  • It’s Identifying In Market Sellers & Buyers Before Anyone Else Can
  • And It Rejects Anyone With Zero Interest In Making A Move

Now you benefit… Just like the Fortune 500 Companies!

  • Now You Can Utilize This Same Technology Before Your Competition
  • This Means You’re Connecting With Sellers & Buyers Before Anyone Else
  • It Means You’re Closing More Deals & Dominating Your Market

How It Works…

A homeowner begins their journey to sell by researching online. They might visit hundreds of web pages on multiple websites. Intelligent software is watching the clicks and data and it’s studying the homeowner’s Behavior & Intent. When this “smart” software has gathered enough information it makes an accurate determination and we’re the first to know about it. Next, we take the data and apply our client’s marketing dollars to ONLY these In Market Sellers & Buyers. - How In Market Leads Works

Intelligent Software Analyzes the Behavior & Intent of Real Sellers & Buyers

This means that we’re not guessing with your money. We know who wants to sell their home and we connect that person with you as soon as we can! This makes you the first person they meet and the first they consider when they’re ready to pick up the phone.

Put all of your marketing dollars to work efficiently and convert your ad spend into clients faster!

How’s your ad spend performing…

  • Is your current ad engagement maxing out at a 1–5% conversion rate?
  • Doesn’t that mean the other 95–99% is practically wasted?
  • Wondering how to get better returns without messing with current results?
  • Discouraged that sales aren’t where you want them after you’ve tried everything?

If  YES  was the answer to any of the questions above, then read this:

Did you know that there’s technology today that can accurately determine who your next client is based on ALL of their web browsing behavior? We’re not talking about a few pages of retargeting. That’s a nice feature. But it’s not an efficient use of your marketing dollars.

Stop burning money on people who’ll never convert.

Imagine hundreds of websites talking with each other to let you know exactly who your next client is. This tech will show you who are buyers & sellers that are In Market” and ready to connect with you right now if you proactively reach out to them first. And the only way to do this is by getting you in front of them wherever they are!


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